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About me:

hey, I'm a young woman who is currently studying A-level in the UK. I've recently found about neocities and it's interesting to just browse and poke around different webpages.
I'm sorry if my webpage is really bland looking. I'm not good at coding. Hopefully I can upgrade my page soon when I have the time to do so

Reading and What I thought of the books I've read this year:

I've been recently getting into reading, and I'm enjoying it decently enough. I'm quite new to reading, but, as excited as I am to try out new books, I can't help but feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume of books I want to read.
Though it really doesn't bother me at all, and I can't wait to find out about different authors and books

Earlier in the year, I got into the moomin series; I read The exploits of moominpapa, Coment in moominland and Finn family moomintroll, in that order. The series follows a colourful cast of characters from moomin valley and their exploits. The writing style creates a dreamy and comforting atmosphere. The fluffy slice-of-life and whimsical adventure of the series is a delightful, and hopefully I can read the rest of series when I get the time to do so

Mieko Kawakami:
For a while, I took a hiatus from reading. I don't know exactly why I did it, but I did it nonetheless. Kawakami's 'Breasts and Eggs' got me back into reading. The book is seperated into 2 parts; 'Breasts', which takes up roughly 1/4th of the book and 'Eggs' ,which takes up 3/4ths of th book. Although I enjoyed the book, it did feel like two, entirely seperate stories, and there was a difference in quality between the two stories. 'Breasts' was really good, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but, even though I'd say that I probably enjoyed 'Eggs' more than the average person, it did feel like it was getting long and drawn out near the end of it.

Normal people by Sally Roony:
I know that lots of people really enjoy this book but...I couldn't get into it. The relationship between the main characters. Maybe I'll revisit it in a year or so

Boy Parts by Eliza Clark:
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I've heard this book described as 'a female American psycho' and. I love Irina's comedic diatribes against utter stangers, and has made me want to read American Psycho

The woman in the purple skirt by Natsuko Imamura:
I'm taking a break from reading this so that I have more time to read 'Heaven'. That, and the fact that I hate the translation. You can genuinely tell that it was translated from Japanese to English due to the way things were worded, and it just put me off from reading the book altogether